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Suggested Adv. BoxRateThe rate is for 6 months (minimum advertising period)

Promote your job Vacancy at MWA Website : RM300


      Rate per section
Page / Section Advertisement Types Dimension MWA Member Non-Member
Home Page Type A – Leader board 728 x 90 RM4000  RM5500 
Home Page Type D – Pop out 500 x 500 RM4000  RM7500 
News & Events Menu Type C – Leader board 350 x 295 RM550  RM750 
General Page * Type A – Leader board 728 x 90 RM300 RM450
General Page * Type B – Leader board 350 x 295 RM300 RM450
General Page * Type C – Leader board 250 x 250 RM200 RM300


Water Malaysian Bulletin

Featuring the latest news on policies, development and investment opportunities as well as promotion of smart products and innovation that are in the market today.

MWA’s Water Malaysia bulletin has for a long time been very well received and highly regarded by the water industry fraternity, both locally and overseas as well as among the various government agencies. It is a quality bulletin distributed free to members and to government agencies and associates overseas. In order for it to continue as the leading publication on water in Malaysia, it needs strong advertisement support from the water players and water businesses so that it is sustainable and continues to serve for the betterment of water in Malaysia and the region. 



MWA 2024 Desk Calendar

MWA's Desk Calendar is an annual publication that are widely circulated to its members, government departments, foreign embassies, universities, overseas associate and other related associations.  We are inviting our members’ companies and partners to take up advertisement spaces and will be given some complimentary copies of the calendar. In addition, the companies’ advertisements will be featured in the MWA website.

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