Water Supply System Design Guideline

Water Supply System Design Guideline Overview


The “JKR Design Criteria and Standards for Water Supply Systems” in three volumes were first published by the Office of the Director of Water Supplies, JKR Headquarters Kuala Lumpur in early 1989. These publications served as useful reference material to water engineers and sub-professionals both in the public and private sectors when designing water supply systems. The materials were prepared and compiled by a technical committee comprising senior technical officers of the Cawangan Bekalan Air (Water Supply Branch) and represent design criteria and standards used by the engineering design office. Later in 1994, MWA published a manual entitled “MWA Design Guidelines for Water Supply Systems” which was an adaptation of the JKR Design Criteria and Standards for Water Supply Systems. To keep abreast with the latest development and technological advancements in the water services industry, MWA spearheaded efforts to further revise and publish manual.

The following sections of the guidelines are being reviewed by MWA review team. We will advise once the publication is ready for sale:

Treatment Plant Layout Treatment Plant Buildings and Structures
Mechanical Equipment Water Transmission and Distribution Systems, Storage Tanks and Reservoirs
Water Supply Plumbing System Non-Revenue Water
Water Demand Assessment HAZOP Study for Water Supply Systems
Environmental Requirements for Water Supply Systems – EIA Specific Water Treatment Processes

* All the publication being revised.


MWA Design Guidelines for Water Supply Systems