About MWA


The Malaysian Water Association (MWA) brings together practitioners in the water service industries value chain. Our membership consists of both individuals and organisations.The strength of the association is derived from the mix of members coming from water supply and sewerage utilities, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, suppliers, regulators and academicians.

MWA is a platform for efforts towards bringing about enhancement of the knowledge and skill of its members and promotes awareness of water issues among the public. Together with this, public interests and environmental concerns are also promoted. MWA puts forward views of the members to the authorities and makes representation on strategic issues. In essence, we are committed towards promoting sustainable management of the water services.

Internationally, MWA maintains linkages with related organisations abroad to establish networking in order to realize the water industry’s common universal goals. We are also a Corporate Member of the International Water Association (IWA).

The Council

The Council
The present Council took over the management of the affairs of the Association after the conclusion of MWA 35rd AGM on 15 April 2023. The Council consists of 15 elected members, 5 appointed members and 1 Immediate Past President.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is now occupying the second floor of its building in Taman Sri Hartamas since 1 May 2005. The MWA Secretariat comprises of a Group Executive Director, a Manager, a Group Account Executive, an Account Assistant, an Admin. & Membership Executive and an Admin. Assistant.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote synergy and enhance knowledge and good practice within the Malaysian water and wastewater industries to enable them to achieve their corporate goals and hence contributing effectively towards creating national competitiveness and success. We will focus and work on strategic issues and help outline direction and priorities in the industries.

Nationally we will work in close cooperation with all parties in the government and private sectors. We will network internationally by establishing and maintaining linkages with related organisations abroad. We believe in professionalism, teamwork, free exchange of information and learning. Our members are dedicated and are friends to the water and wastewater industries.

Our Objectives

Malaysian Water Association (MWA) was formed and registered in 1988 as a non-profit organisation. The objects of the Association shall be:

  • To promote and advance the science and practice of engineering and management in the water supply and wastewater industries.
  • To provide advice and information on water supply and wastewater to public and private bodies as well as the public in general.
  • To publicise new technologies and promote the use of appropriate technology in the water supply and wastewater industries.
  • To provide a forum for exchange of views among various sectors making up the water and wastewater industries, including water authorities, research bodies, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors.
  • To gather and disseminate through publications and other appropriate means information on water supply and wastewater with prior approval of relevant authority.
  • To promote and update standardisation in water supply and wastewater practices, and also in goods, equipment and fittings used in the water supply and the wastewater industries.
  • To promote training, research and development in the science and practice of engineering and management in the water supply and wastewater industries.
  • To cooperate, as may seem conducive to any of the above objects, with national and international organisations and to support and complement their activities.

Honours & Awards

The Malaysia Water Awards are presented annually for outstanding contributions to Malaysian individuals or institutions in the field of water and wastewater engineering either in Research and Management.

Awarded by the Malaysian Water Association, the Malaysia Water Awards honour achievements in science, engineering, technology, education or public policy that have resulted in significant impact in advancing the science and practice of water and wastewater engineering at national and international level. These contributions involve achievements in management and innovations, design, and engineering solutions which have immediate application to the industry as a whole.

The Malaysia Water Awards comes with a prize of a Challenge Crystal Trophy, a commemorative Plaque and RM5,000.

MWA has instituted the Malaysia Water Awards since 1994. Followings are the award winners:

  • 1994: YBhg. Dato' Ir. Kam U Tee (former General Manager of Penang Water Authority)
  • 1997: Ir. Chan Chiang Heng (General Manager of Taliworks Consortium Sdn Bhd)
  • 1998: CCM Chemicals (M) Sdn Bhd (Leading water treatment chemical company in Malaysia)
  • 1999: Malaysian Water District Engineers Action Committee
  • 2000: YBhg. Dato' Ir. Robert Voon Chen Hian (Director of PWD Sarawak)
  • 2001: Penang Water Supply Corporation Sdn Bhd
  • 2002: SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • 2005: Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd
  • 2007: Pusat Perkhidmatan Pelanggan (PUSPEL)
  • 2018: YBhg. Dato' Ir. Jaseni Maidinsa (PBA Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd)
  • 2019: Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad
  • 1996: YBhg. Dato' Ir. Dr. Mohd Akbar Hj. Johari (former Director of Water Works Department N. Sembilan)
  • 2001: Prof. Dr. Lim Poh Eng (USM)
  • 2002: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azni b. Idris (UPM)
  • 2004: YBhg. Dato' Prof. Dr. Zaini bin Ujang (UTM)
  • 2018: Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad (SAMB)
  • 2019: Professor Dr. Zulkifli Bin Yusop (UTM)
  • 2003: YB Dato' Seri S. Samy Vellu, Minister of Works Malaysia
  • 2008: YB Tun Lim Keng Yaik, Minister of Energy, Water and Communications
  • 2012: YBhg. Dato’ Ir. Syed Muhammad Shahabudin (MWA Lifetime Achievement Award for the Development of MWA)
  • 2012: Ir. Chan Chiang Heng (MWA Appreciation Award for the Longest Serving Council Member)
  • 2014: YBhg Dato’ Teo Yen Hua (MWA Special Water Award for Leadership)
  • For Best Water Treatment Plant

    2016: Sungai Semenyih WTP (Konsortium ABASS Sdn Bhd)
    2018: Sungai Dua WTP (PBA Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd)
    2019: Sembrong Barat Revoplus Water Treatment Plant (Ranhill Saj Sdn Bhd)

  • For Best Sewage Treatment Plant

    2016: Pantai 1 Regional STP (IWK Sdn Bhd)
    2018: Batu Ferringhi STP (IWK Sdn Bhd)
    2019: Petaling Setia Alam 1 STP (IWK Sdn Bhd) - Operation Category
    2019: Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant (JPP) - Project Category

What You Can Do For MWA

What You Can Do For MWA

The success of MWA so far is due to its members’ enthusiastic support and to the financial donations of some of the Institutional Members. This had helped the association to finance and advance its objectives in a structured manner. For the new millennium, apart from advancing the technology, science, management and government policies relative to the stewardship of water, MWA is prepared to re-examine its direction and scope to include a much broader agenda than the ones present.

Our ambition include: putting in more effort on community education, information and awareness-building among all Malaysians; striving to be proactive and effective in guiding, influencing and assisting the general public, business and industry, community and government sectors on water issues;

providing the means to achieving greater technical competency, capability and capacity among the water industry players for a sustainable and efficient water management in Malaysia; developing relationships and the level of collaboration with several national and regional water-related organisations in order to make significant contributions at the national, regional and global context.

To accomodate to these diverse interests, it is essential for MWA to strengthen its Secretariat and its two wholly-owned companies (MWM and MWR), develop new programmes and increase its membership. This requires both funds and enthusiastic support from more members. The following are some of the ways you can help MWA:

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