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Malaysian Water Academy Sdn Bhd (MyWA) is a wholly own training provider by The Malaysian Water Association (MWA) to fulfill the role of developing human capital for the water and wastewater industry. MyWA is registered under Companies Commission of Malaysia (888975-M) and also a certified training provider by the Human Resource Development Fund (HDRF).

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For booking and enquires please contact us at : 03-6201 1457
Email: (Hafis) (Farah)

 Sales Training for Junior Sales Engineer  (T1911E3-4)Technical Training13-Nov-2019 to
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CategoryTechnical Training
LocationSri Hartamas
Date13-Nov-2019 to 13-Nov-2019
PriceRM 1,000.00
SynopsisSales is undeniably the most important division in a company. Sales is the bloodline that not only provides a future for the company, but gives the company the affordability for staff growth. However, in this ever competitive environment, the biggest challenge is not really getting the sales, but in developing competent technical sales engineers that not only knows the technical aspect of the product, but can contribute in closing the deal.
 Kursus Induksi PPL (T1911E3-3)Generic Skills Training16-Nov-2019 to
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CategoryGeneric Skills Training
LocationShah Alam
Date16-Nov-2019 to 17-Nov-2019
PriceRM 350.00

Siapa yang patut hadir?
a) Calon Pegawai Pengesah Luaran (PPL)
b) Calon PPL Pegawai Latihan Vokasional (PPL-PLV)
c) Calon PPL Pengiktirafan Pencapaian Terdahlu (PPL-PPT)
d) Calon PPL Skim Latihan Dual Nasional (PPL-SLDN)
e) Calon Pakar Industri (PIN) dan Pakar Pengajar (PAJAR)
f) Individu yang berminat dengan Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia (SPKM)
Kenapa perlu hadir?
a) Memenuhi syarat untuk menjadi PPL/PPL-PLV/PPL-PPT/PPL-SLDN
b) Memenuhi syarat menjadi PIN / PAJAR
c) Memahami tugas dan tanggungjawab PPL/PPL-PLV/PPL-PPT/PPL-SLDN


 Malaysian Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (MyCESMM2) – “Introductory Water & Wastewater Course” (T1911E3-5)Water, Wastewater and Industrial Waste19-Nov-2019 to
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CategoryWater, Wastewater and Industrial Waste
Date19-Nov-2019 to 20-Nov-2019
PriceRM 550.00
SynopsisObjective By the end of this two (2) days programs,participants will be able to use MyCESMM2 in BQ preparation for:
  • Efficient and systematic BQ preparation
  • Single standard methodology measurement enables cost transparency and minimizes disputes during contract negotiation
  • Standardized BQ across the water & wastewater industry.
  • Common understanding of work items
  • Competitive and consistent pricing
  • Easy bench marking for future cost comparison
  • Facilitates contract management
  • Reduces ambiguities in project costs
  • Less confusion as estimations, valuations andcost control formulation are simplified
  • True nature of works is reflected hence reducing the probability of future ambiguities and disputes during project implementation