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Malaysian Water Academy Sdn Bhd (MyWA) is a wholly own training provider by The Malaysian Water Association (MWA) to fulfill the role of developing human capital for the water and wastewater industry. MyWA is registered under Companies Commission of Malaysia (888975-M) and also a certified training provider by the Human Resource Development Fund (HDRF).

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 Technical Control of Activated Sludge (T2208E3-1)Environment Water10-May-2023 to
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CategoryEnvironment Water
LocationKuala Lumpur
Date10-May-2023 to 11-May-2023
PriceRM 1,950.00
SynopsisMLSS & MLVSS are important to control the activated sludge (AS). The values are used in the operational formula to control the AS Some method to control the AS that use these values are F/M, SVi, SOUR, Qwas, and Qras. Values of MLSS & MLVSS can be obtained from measurement using specific device and estimation. Accurate values will give accurate data for efficient activated sludge control Focus of co
 Training on Wastewater Treatment Plant Process and Sludge Handling Operation & Management (T2209E3-1)Water, Wastewater and Industrial Waste16-May-2023 to
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CategoryWater, Wastewater and Industrial Waste
LocationKuala Lumpur
Date16-May-2023 to 17-May-2023
PriceRM 1,950.00
SynopsisUnderstand basic concept of Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS) including wastewater treatment processes and technology in IETS. Understand the legalrequirementsin EnvironmentalAct1974 & Industrial Effluent Regulations 2009. Understand the legalrequirementin the operation ofthe IETS ( orsludge treatment/disposal plantinWTP) and howto operate the plant according to theDOE’sRegulations&Technical Guidelines Understand and knowthe basic mathematic in IETS. Understand the roles and responsibilities of Competent Person.