President's Message

President's Message

Dr. Ir. Ts. Hj. Mohmad Asari Daud
2021-2023 Session


We have seen how our lives have changed dramatically during the pandemic lockdown and it can feel a little overwhelming at times. However, we are thankful we have persevered! The pandemic has also completely changed our way of life and put pressure on our industries to adopt major structural reforms. It has already sparked debate on what it might mean for the future. We all accept that what was considered “normal” might never return to some parts of society and some new (and better) norms are likely to emerge. And despite the uncertainties that lie ahead, I believe MWA members and companies and their customers must recognize the unique period we’re in, take a breath, and work our way through it together. 

For the MWA, we also have to contend with the Covid-19 pandemic and this has forced a great shift in the way we operate day to day. In April 2021, the MWA held its 33rd Annual General Meeting on the hybrid and virtual platform. The new Council was elected for the 2021-2023 session and I am grateful for the opportunity to come in as the new President of the Association. A big thank you to the preceding Council for the great contribution to keep the Association flag flying. Rest assured we plan to carry on with most of our programmes and activities and look forward to members’ participation and support. Please see this website for more information.

Aside from all the changes the Association might have to make internally, we must also figure out our strategy to remain connected with our members so that our supporters are well-informed of any major changes and what the future holds. We will continue to serve the members under the new norm and we will make greater and wider use of the MWA Website to fulfil our purpose.

Over the next few weeks, we plan to introduce some interactive features on the website to engage with the membership and stakeholders of the water industry at large, among others, for dialogue, exchange views and collaborate on advocacy in regards to pressing issues for the betterment of the Malaysian water industry. 

The webinar series on technical topics, the training programme under the Malaysian Water Academy (MyWA), the MWA Newsletters and Water Malaysia publications and the Malaysia International Water Convention 2021 virtual conference in September will be continued to benefit our members and stakeholders.

Last but not least, we will strive to meet the expectations of our members and stakeholders by continuing our assistance and utilize the experience of our myriad Institutional Membership in order to help our water companies generate economic, societal and environmental value.

We look forward to your continued support in reaching this goal.

Flatten the Curve – Stay Home and Stay Safe !


July 2021