Volume 1


The Malaysian Water Association Planning Guidelines & Best Practices Handbook for Water Supply Systems, serves as a useful reference material for water engineers and sub-professionals both in the public and private sectors when designing water supply systems. A total of 27 sections are included in this latest edition comprised of old and new topics that are reviewed and/or added by the MWA Technical Committee. This manual guide is an improved version of the MWA Design Guidelines for Water Supply Systems published in 1994, which was an adaptation of the JKR Design Criteria and Standards for Water Supply Systems in the late 80s by the Water Supply Branch, Public Works Department.

The Volume 1 consists of 13 Sections below and currently is out of stock.


MWA Planning Guidelines & Best Practices Handbook for Water Supply Systems


Section 1: Feasibility Study and Water Resources 

Section 2: Groundwater Planning

Section 3: Water Demand Assessment

Section 4: Environmental Requirements

Section 5: Dam Design Engineering

Section 6: Intake Works and Barrage

Section 7: Water Treatment Plant Layout and General Arrangements

Section 8: Treatment Plant Buildings and Structures 

Section 9: Water Quality and Treatment Process

Section 10: Aerators and Mixing Devices

Section 11: Flocculation and Clarification Plant

Section 12: Filtration System

Section 13: Water Distribution Systems and Storage Tanks