The Air Selangor’s ICC also features integration with Online Hydraulic Model, an end-to-end integration system for monitoring, analysing and modelling distribution systems in real-time.

Technological advancements and data trends exponentially increase an organisation's ability to deliver significant outcomes. Leveraging the potentials of digital technology will enable water management companies to improve the efficiency, profitability and resiliency of water treatment plants. By digitising their operations, water management companies can capture and derive insights from realtime data and analytics capabilities to predict outcomes or crises to allow for timely intervention before critical issues escalate.

Air Selangor, Malaysia's largest water operator with a combined capacity of 5,000 million litres per day, has begun to digitise its operation as part of its digital shift to become the digital water utility of the future. This digital shift includes the commencement of an intelligent command centre to be at the heart of its operation, a data analytics centre to build big data capabilities and a smart meter technology implementation towards delivering a better customer service experience.


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