Understanding Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) and its application in rainfall and flood prediction and project design in Malaysia


Date: 17th March 2022 (Thursday)
Tome: 9.00 am - 11.00 am (KUL)
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Want to learn more about floods and recurrence ?

  • What does it mean when you hear or read the terms 100-year flood?
  • So what is a 100-year flood and how is it determined? 
  • Can we have two 100-year floods close together? 
  • Annual Return Period vs. Average Recurrence Interval. How are they related?
  • How accurate are estimates of the Average Recurrence Interval?
  • How do we know or measure if a flood that could happen tomorrow is worse than one that happened 2, 10 or 50 years ago? 
  • -f heavy rain is being forecasted does that mean that rivers are going to rise and spill over their banks and flood your neighborhood?


These are some of the questions that we think about when flooding or heavy rain is forecast by public media or the Meteorological Department.

Come to the webinar forum and follow the discussion and exchange of expertise between stakeholdersto enhance flood forecasting and warning systems in Malaysia. 

Tn. Hj. Mansor bin Abdul Ghani

Council Member, MWA
Deputy Honorary Secretary, Friends of Rivers Malaysia

Panelist 1
Dato' Ir. Dr. Hj. Md. Nasir bin Md. Noh

Director General, Department of Irrigation and Drainage

Panelist 2
Dato' Ir. Hj. Nor Hisham bin Mohd Ghazali

Director General, National Water Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)

Panelist 3
Datuk Ir. Mohd Adnan bin Mohd Nor

Immediate Past President, The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM)

Panelist 4
Ir. Dr. Wong Wai Sam

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM)

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