Topic: Conversion of Excess Pressure in Water Supply Distribution Networks into Power & Hydrogen Fuel


Change is finally coming to energy, and environmentally-focused governments, companies and investors are eyeing alternative fuel sources like hydrogen to play a role in decarbonization. Global demand for hydrogen is expected to go up. According to the International Energy Agency, China has set a pledge for a million hydrogen powered cars, and the EU has set to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

In Malaysia, it is estimated:

• 25 MW could be developed from the WSD networks @ 2500 PRVs @10kW/PRV;
• 4,000 tonnes per year of hydrogen generated @55kWh/kg;
• USD 60 million of revenue annually @USD15 per kg of hydrogen delivered; &
• The required capital investment for such a development recovered within less than 5 years

Join us on this journey to learn more about Hydrogen Fuel

1. Why Hydrogen?
2. Generating Power from Water-Supply Distribution Networks
3. Conversion of Power to Hydrogen by Water-Electrolysis
4. Potential & Prospects

Jul 28, 2020 03:00 PM in Kuala Lumpur

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