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 Technical Control of Nutrient Dosing in IETS (T2211E3-1)Environment Water25-Oct-2023 to
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CategoryEnvironment Water
LocationKuala Lumpur
Date25-Oct-2023 to 26-Oct-2023
PriceRM 1,950.00
SynopsisIn a biological process IETS, nutrient dosing is one of important task to be done to ensure the sustainability of the microorganism. Type of nutrient is important in order to ensure that the nutrient is dose based on the recommended protocol. How to dose, how much to dose, how effective the dosing, and how efficient the system will determine the success and objective of the nutrient dosing. Unfortunately, in some operation, nutrient dosing is not taken as an important measure that will create unforeseen issue to the biological plant and to the final effluent quality. Restoration of an upset biological plant that is resulted from nutrient issue may create high rescue cost which can be prevented with proper nutrient control. This 2-day training will focus on the importance of nutrient, dosing requirement, technical calculation, effect of low nutrient and overdose nutrient, impact to the environment, and methodologies to handle these nutrient related issues.