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 Training on Wastewater Treatment Plant Process and Sludge Handling Operation & Management (T2209E3-1)Water, Wastewater and Industrial Waste16-May-2023 to
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CategoryWater, Wastewater and Industrial Waste
LocationKuala Lumpur
Date16-May-2023 to 17-May-2023
PriceRM 1,950.00
SynopsisUnderstand basic concept of Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS) including wastewater treatment processes and technology in IETS. Understand the legalrequirementsin EnvironmentalAct1974 & Industrial Effluent Regulations 2009. Understand the legalrequirementin the operation ofthe IETS ( orsludge treatment/disposal plantinWTP) and howto operate the plant according to theDOE’sRegulations&Technical Guidelines Understand and knowthe basic mathematic in IETS. Understand the roles and responsibilities of Competent Person.