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 Water Sampling Protocol for Water & Wastewater Industries with On-site Hands On (T2003E3-1)Technical Training01-Sep-2021 to
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CategoryTechnical Training
LocationBandar Sri Damansara
Date01-Sep-2021 to 03-Sep-2021
PriceRM 1,530.00

The aim of the course os to give proper sampling techniques in assessing the quality of water and treated water supplies by the supply agency and of that at the point of use, so that samples of both should be taken. Sample must be taken from locations that are representative of the water source, treatment plant, storage facilities, distribution netwrok, points at which water is delivered to the customer, and points of use. In selecting samploing points, each locality should be considered individually. 


Course Content.

1. Planning a sampling event & documentation.

2. Sampling techniqiues. 

3. Transport & storage.

4. Chain of Custody (coc) procedure.

5. Documanetation/

6. Quiz & assessment.