Estimation of Muskingum Routing Parameters Using Excel Solver

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Authors: Kee An Hong¹٭, Jer Lang Hong²

1Hong & Associates, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2SNS Network, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Corresponding author:Kee An Hong

Email: [email protected]


The easy-to-use and accurate Excel Solver has been used in this paper for the estimation of Muskingum routing parameters for the Krian river in Malaysia with available flood hydrograph data. A simple way is to use the “nonlinear optimization with solver procedure” of the Excel spreadsheets that uses the nonlinear optimization code and the iterative calculation properties of the spreadsheets. The Excel Solver method when tested on the Krian river shows that accurate results are obtained when compared to observed flows based on evaluation statistics such as mean absolute error, root means square error, and Nash Sutcliffe efficiency coefficient. Results are also compared to those of HEC-HMS and it is noted that almost similar results are obtained from the two methods.

Keywords: Excel Solver, Muskingum-HMS, RMSE, MAE, NSE, GRG

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