Review Of Flood Wall Barrier On Its Functions and Applications-converted

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Authors: Yuk San, Liew1, Mat Jusoh, Azman1, E. M Yahaya, Nasehir Khan1, Mohd Sobri, Fatin Afeeqa1, Hj. Ahmad Zaki, Ahmad Taqiyuddin1, Sulaiman, Sharina2, Ayop, Zaliffah2, MohdDom, Norlida2, Thavamani, Satiavathi2, Rohani, Ahmad2, Sulaiman, Tajudin

River Basin Research Centre, National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM),Lot 5377, Jalan Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.

Corresponding author: Abdul Wahab Mohammad



Flood is one of the natural disasters that affect properties and even people life. There are several methods in preventing water from seeping into building and one of it is the flood wall barrier. There are two types of wall barrier system which are permanent and mobile wall. Permanent flood wall barrier are widely applied in the water prone area. However, the permanent structure may need a huge space and higher cost. For mobile flood wall barrier, it helps avoiding flood from entering the houses and premises especially during flash flood in urban area where the space is limited to build a permanent flood wall. The usage is proven effective compared to the traditional way of using sandbag as flood protective barrier. This flood wall barrier has advantages and disadvantages depending on the place of installation, type of material used and size of the wall itself. The type of flood wall, advantages, disadvantages and failure of flood wall barrier are discussed in this paper.

Keywords: Flood, mobile flood wall barrie

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