Greywater Treatment System Design for Laundry Services in Malaysia A Case Study-converted

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Authors: Muhd Shahril Nizam Ismail*, Suriyani Awang, Nasehir Khan E. M.YahayaandMohd Darimie Ramli

River Basin Research Centre, National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM),Lot 5377, Jalan Putra Permai,43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Corresponding author: Muhd Shahril Nizam Ismail

E-mail:;  | Tel: +603-8947 6400


Greywater is considered more than 40 % whole domestic wastewater. Therefore, it is vital to control the discharge of greywater into the river. The application of filter media in the greywater treatment system is appropriate methods in reducing pollutants. This study proposes the design of a water treatment system to treat laundry wastewater in Malaysia. The proposed method implements the idea of combining five media filter material in a compact cylinder filter. The results have proven that the proposed system is effective in improving the quality of greywater, in which the parameters (Aluminium, Phosphorus, Water hardness, Fluoride, Iron, Chloride and E. coli) do not exceed the standard limits. Furthermore, the proposed greywater design system is relatively suitable to be further developed for commercial use in the future.

Keywords: Environment, Greywater,water efficiency, water quality.

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