Indah Water Konsortium makes strides in green technology adoption through solar panels projects

KUALA LUMPUR: In its endeavour to intensify green technology adoption, the national sewerage company, Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK) will install solar photovoltaic (PV) system in 53 of its identified assets, with projected savings for the next 15 years close to RM20mil.

The installation of the solar system will be done in stages, and for its first phase, work expected to immediately commence next month in 19 sewage treatment plants (STPs) nationwide, and subsequently the remaining 34 STPs.

In its first phase of the solar PV installation in 19 STPs, the total installation capacity is 6,950kWp with a projected energy generation of 8,890kWh per year.

IWK will adopt a self-consumption model in the solar PV project and the solar generated will cover up to 20% of the electricity needs of the 19 STPs with projected savings for the next 15 years close to RM14mil.

IWK chief executive officer, Narendran Maniam said, “Energy cost is one of the major operating expenditure component of plants operations and one of the strategies that has been identified to reduce energy cost is to explore potential solar energy.

“IWK is operating beyond conventional means into contemporary trends to reduce expenditure through green technology adoption.”

“With the solar PV installation in the first phase, IWK continues to search for project proponents who will be best suited to implement this project in an addition of approximately 500 new potential sites under phase 2.

Narendran said: “The green technology initiatives will help reduce carbon footprint and create a sustainable environment for wastewater utility.

“These initiatives would also cushion the impact from the rising energy cost yearly.

“With the additional takeover of STPs, the electric charges have ballooned up from RM22.53mil in 2000, to RM256.30mil last year,” Narendran added.

For its first phase, IWK signed a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with MFP Solar Sdn Bhd (an affiliate company of Pekat Group Bhd) and Timeless Green Sdn Bhd to buy the solar output from their solar PV system.

Solar PV projects is part of IWK’s commitment to contribute towards Malaysia’s Renewable Energy Roadmap more pressingly as the world faces climate crisis and renewable energy initiatives for transitioning towards zero carbon which is taking centre stage.

The 53 sites over the next 15 years will contribute to GHG reduction of 125,000 ton CO2 equivalent.

IWK commits to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) through the green technology adoption.

IWK’s hallmark regional sewage treatment plant (RSTP), the Pantai 2 RSTP, which is the largest underground plant in Asia Pacific, is a primary example of IWK’s STP that employs green technology.

P2RSTP maximises green energy utilisation through the installation of solar panels, biogas utilisation, rainwater harvesting and final bio-effluent reuse for non-potable use, contributing RM6.5mil in yearly savings.

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