FUTURE PROOF: Effective virtual meetings

LAST month, I wrote my first Covid-19 related article. It was about remote working.

A big part of remote working is teleconferencing. Although we can’t meet people face-to-face during this time of Movement Control Order (MCO), it doesn’t mean we can’t hold meetings. It’s just got to be done virtually, via the Internet.

Most of us are probably familiar with Skype. It’s probably the first video conferencing application we all use, mainly for making personal video calls.

You could, of course, use Skype for business-related calls but if you want to hold serious business meetings with multiple people involved, it’s better to use some of the more business-centric apps out there...

 Zoom has a free option which can host up to 100 participants and group meetings can last up to 40 minutes. Microsoft Teams has, since 2018, made a free version of Teams for smaller companies.

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