The Malaysian Water Association invites you and your friends to join our special MWA/MIWC Webinar Series.


The 11th webinar will be on Coagulation Assisted Ceramic Membrane for Water and Wastewater Treatment


held on

Date: Tuesday, 21st July 2020
Time:  3pm (GMT8) Malaysia Time.


Lets join us on zoom and register at


Join the webinar and learn about:

  • -Advance in water and wastewater membrane treatment – membrane nanotech.
  • -Membrane filtration process for water and wastewater and why it is needed. Benefits of coagulation assisted membrane micro and ultra-filtration process.
  • -How coagulation help increase flux and extends CIP time in membrane filtration.
  • -Coagulation helps further treatment of backwash water or sludge of membrane.
  • -Advantages of ceramic membrane in its durability and coagulation assisted process that generating non-schedulewaste sludge by using organic coagulant.
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