MWA-MIWC: Webinar 7: Rethinking Customer Operations for Water Utility



Water utilities across the globe play a major role in the society. Often, their challenges go unnoticed. One of the principal issue for the water utilities is loss of revenue due lack of accurate billing and poor customer engagement.

A complete platform that enables utilities to expertly manage each stage of the customer lifecycle, from billing and account management, to customer outreach and programs is a key element to overcome those issues.

Join this free webcast to learn more about customer Solution that delivers the robust, flexible capabilities to meet water utilities’ most complex needs.

∙Empower customers with better visibility into their accounts and usage

∙Intelligent customer engagement, communications and program promotion

∙More accurate reading and billing through daily/hourly meter reads

∙Reducing field crew deployments and making service calls more efficient

Date: Jun 23, 2020
Time: 03:00 PM in 
Kuala Lumpur

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