Course Overview
Analysis of influent in terms of loading, concentration, volume, and timing against the capacity of the unit process and operation are very important to the IETS operation regardless it ina BP or PCP. It is directly related to the flow management whereby size of the tank, piping, pump capacity, and system maintenance play a major role to determine the best Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) to ensure the IETS is effectively operating. HRT will determine whether the treatment reaction is enough or not to justify the effectiveness of the IETS operation. It is not only important to prevent overflow but to also ensure all the influent is well treated with proper loading setting based on the IETS capacity.

Learning Outcome
At the end of this 2 days program, participants will be able to:
• Define and measure HRT
• Use and manage the HRT based on different unit process and unit operation
• Identify the IETS hydraulic capacity against the received influent
• Design and sizing the capacity for tanks and selection of pumps

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