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President's Welcome Note

Welcome to Malaysia Water Association(MWA), the premier and leading national organisation for networking and technological advancement for water professionals involve in the complete water cycle.

New MWA Group Executive Director

Mr. Lee Koon Yew, was appointed on 5 May 2014. He is to lead MWA Secretariat and group of companies; ensure all Secretariat functions are carried out efficiently; to spearhead in membership drive; to facilitate cooperation & communication with members.

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Let’s Solve Water

Water, The World Water Crisis

MWA 25th Anniversary
A Walk Down Memory Lane


Supported by MWA, SPAN & IWK
Schedule: 11 to 15 August 2014, 13 to 17 October 2014
Date : 4 September 2014
Theme: Challenges on Implementation on NRW Strategic Plan
A memorandum on recommendations will be presented to Minister/KeTTHA
Date : 10 September 2014
What does it take to operate and maintain a dam? Technical aptitude, well honed skills, practical experience, etc.
Come learn the insights, tips & secret of critical dam operations from the very experienced and veteran water supply and dam operator ?Ir. Chan Chiang Heng
Click here for Flyer
Date : 11 July 2014
About 50 members attended the talk at MWA premise.
Click here for HORAS presentation
Date : 27 November 2014
To be confirmed

Quick Facts

Revenue VS Operating Expenditure - 2011

?Operating Revenue include tariff and non tariff revenue
?Operating Expenditure comprise (where applicable) :
    1. Water treatment and distribution cost
    2. Purchase of treated water
    3. Purchase of raw water
    4. Lease Rental to PAAB
    5. Exclude finance cost, depreciation and amortization


Calendar 2014
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26th Annual Report
Relevant and committed...


Date: 21 - 27 September 2014
Further information, visit:
Date: 11 - 13 August 2014
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Knowledge Sharing

by Dato?Teo Yen Hua, SPAN
by Datuk Ir. Abdul Kadir Mohd Din, IWK
by Water Partnership Program World Bank


HRDF Employers Circular No. 5/2014 is now expanded to cover Water Treatment and Supply & Sewerage.
More details at